9 Things to keep in mind before booking your wedding Makeup artist

So now your wedding date has been finalized and from your wedding venue to caterers has been booked and taken care by your family but what about booking your wedding makeup artist? This often seems to more challenging at times than the later. Lot of brides have questions like “I have no clue about makeup. I don’t know what would look good on me?” or “Should I book the parlor lady my Chachi referred?”

Well calm down my bride love. Here is a list of points you must keep in mind before finalizing your wedding makeup artist:

  1. Decide on your budget

Even before you start looking for your makeup artist, you must decide on a budget and how flexible are you with it.

  1. Start early

Generally, wedding vendors are booked at least 6 months in advance. However, brides start looking for their makeup artist much later. Some brides have approached me as late as 1 week before their wedding date. This adds to their stress which is the worst enemy of a bride. You do not want to turn into a bridezilla at the last moment.

  1. Reviews

Always make sure you go through the reviews and testimonials about a makeup artist even before you book for trial session.

  1. Go for a trial

Almost all good wedding makeup artists offer a trial session before booking. Sometimes, it may cost you a little bit but that small amount is well worth an investment. It not only helps you judge an artist who is a stranger to you, but it allows you to experiment with various looks and get a clarity on your final look for “The day”

  1. Communication

Before going for a trial, you must do a little bit research and understand what your style of makeup and hairstyle is. Do you like dewy makeup? Do you like matte finish makeup? Do you like natural makeup look? Or Would you rather like the typical Indian bridal makeup? Communicate this with your wedding makeup artist so they have rough idea of what exactly you have in your mind. You could also check for reference pictures online and save them to express yourself better.

  1. Brand of products

Always check the brands of products used by makeup artists. Make sure they are not using fake brands which could be harmful for your skin as there is no way of knowing what has gone into the ingredients. Also, it is very important to understand difference between fake and dupe. Do comment down below if you are interested in knowing in-depth about this topic.

  1. Enquire about the package details

You must get a clarity on what exactly is included in the price quoted by the wedding makeup artist. If booked from a salon, their package may include pre-bridal skin treatments plus your makeup and hair-styling. If you are enquiring from a freelancing wedding makeup artist, price generally includes the makeup, hair-styling, draping, and false lashes. Nevertheless, if an wedding makeup artist gives you clarity on what is included in the package, it is always a good sign.

Always remember, its okay to negotiate the price if there are multiple functions or multiple bookings including your friends and family.

  1. Compatibility

After you are done with the trial, chose your wedding makeup artist based on how you get along with her and how good they make you feel. It is important that you feel happy and great on you’re the day!

  1. Discuss about the venue

Brides need to talk about the venue with their wedding makeup artist. Sometimes, wedding makeup artist might not be comfortable working on an outdoor venue like a beach. If you are having destination wedding you must make sure that the wedding makeup artist is okay with traveling and brings along a team efficient enough to not only do your makeup and hair, but also your entourage.

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  1. Swati, you are one of the best make-up artists I have come across. You exactly know what kind of make-up suits each face type and you always recommend and portray your best. Love your work. Good luck! Xoxo

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