10 Classic Bridal Hairstyle ideas for your wedding

In this post, I have listed 10 classic bridal hairstyles ideas for your wedding that any bride with great taste can carry with grace and comfort for a long duration of time. The Internet is loaded with tons of inspirational pictures which can cause you to feel confused in choosing your hairstyle. Wedding is the only time for a girl to bring that hairstyle to life which she may have saved on her Pinterest board for the longest time. From a classic bun to a whimsical mermaid hairstyle, you can let your imagination run wild. A classic hairstyle is timeless and never goes out of style. In short, if chic and elegant hairstyles are your thing, then you have landed at the right place!

Half up Half down classic bridal hairstyle
Source: Pinterest.com

Half up Half down

This half up half down hairstyle is sure to make you look romantic and still maintain that young vibe, whether its Sangeet or Reception. Pair this classic bridal hairstyle with floral accessories to add a dash of freshness to your final look.  To add an extra dimension to the look, you may opt for a layered haircut and highlights.

Simple bun with Sleek front

Classic bridal simple bun with sleek front on Kangana Ranaut
Source: Pinterest.com

From Anushka Sharma to Deepika Padukone, numerous celebrities have flaunted this classic bridal hairstyle on their wedding day. This hairstyle was initially popularised by Sabyasachi’s quintessential brides and now it has become a choice for many for a solid reason. It’s a simple, yet powerful look that can make you look effortlessly royal.

Classic Donut Bun

Classic Donut bun Hairstle idea for a bride to be
Source: Pinterest.com

This classic bridal hairstyle is most suited for south Indian brides where it can we wrapped around with Jasmine gajra. North Indian brides mostly wear a veil on their head, they can use fresh flowers like roses to adorn their bun under the veil for a peak of flowers. Further, you can wrap the bun in gajra and place an accessory in the center of the bun.

Moggina Jade

Floral Braided hairstyle for south Indian brides.
Source: Pinterest.com

Traditional south Indian brides prefer this hairstyle especially on their wedding or “Muhuratham “ day. It’s made of a complex arrangement of flowers on a bun followed by a placement of floral brooches or “Billas” on a braid. Certainly, floral designs that can be sported on this hairstyle are endless because of its complexity. If you are interested in knowing variations of designs that can be done on this hairstyle, let me know in the comments down below.

Fishtail Braid

Fishtail Braid Hairstyle for a Bride or bridesmaids
Source: Pinterest.com

A classic fishtail braid does not have any limitations. It can look good on all kinds of hair, may it be long hair, short hair, curly hair or straight hair. You may sport this hairstyle on wedding functions like Haldi or Sangeet to give you an elegant feel. Above all, you can be assured of carrying this hairstyle comfortably for really long periods at a time because of its simplicity. You may embellish this hairstyle with delicate flowers to get an elegant look.

Floral Bun

Floral Bun Haistyle on Anushka Sharma bride
Source: Pinterest.com

Fresh, Charming and exquisite is what you will if you wear a floral bun on a special day. Sport this dapper and modern hairstyle on your wedding to look fabulous. Click here to check out 21 floral bun designs and choose your favorite!

Side swept hair

Side Swept Haisrtyle for a Bride
Source: Pinterest.com

Side swept hair is one of the most admired classic bridal hairstyles, mostly among Christian brides. Sangeet and Reception are some of the functions you can choose to opt for this hairstyle. Adding highlights to your will make your tresses look extra-dimensional and voluminous. Apart from accentuating your style, tiaras and accessories help hold the hairstyle in place for a long time.

Textured bun

Textured bun classic bridal Hairstyle
Source: Pinterest.com

This is a surefire way to add a dose of modernity and uniqueness to your style. There is low textured updo for every bride, Long hair or short. This Versatile classic bridal hairstyle can literally be sported on any of your wedding functions. Click here to find some inspiration and choose just the right updos for yourself.

Messy Bun

Messy bun classic bridal hairstyle
Source: Pinterest.com

This hairstyle is a perfect way to achieve imperfection on your tresses. Meghan Markle was spotted wearing perfect romantic messy low bun on her wedding day and boy did it took everybody’s breath away! It can easily be customized to suit an Indian bride by adding fresh flowers or accessories.

Netted Gajra bun

Netted Gajra bun classic bridal hairstyle idea
Source: Pinterest.com

The netted Gajra trend is here to stay. Brides looking to try a new look can request their hairstylist for this Gajra style, as it is a bit hard to find ready-made Gajra in the market. Often, hairstylist weaves this Gajra by themselves. You are going to get a lot of questions about this hairstyle on your wedding day

In conclusion, If you are confused about which hairstyle to choose on your special day, go classic as these styles never go out of fashion. Click here if you are ambiguous about how to choose your wedding makeup artist.

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